Wednesday, July 08, 2009


A friend asked for pictures of Zelda Ziggy.  Here they are.  She didn't particularly want her picture made, but I finally got a couple.  One is through the glass and one is not (I think maybe I need to wash the glass doors!)  She's a pretty cat and very sweet. 

I'm going to the grocery today.  I've been in touch with Dad by phone and he's doing okay.   We've got swimming at the city pool tonight (at 6:00, $2.00 per person in case anyone local is reading this and wants to come!)   

I'm not getting as much done this summer as I would like, but I guess that's just how it goes. 

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Mother Mayhem said...

Sweet kitty! :o)

I find that when I have the most to do, I get the least done. I had plans of really giving the house a good going over after school and having a garage sale. I ended up having the heart cath. Sort of changed my plans. A lot. SIGH.


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