Thursday, August 27, 2015

Being bad.

I've been a very bad blogger lately, not updating any of my various  blogs.  They are all getting cobwebs on them ... sorry about that.   I've also been a bad homeschooler.  my son was supposed to start school on Monday, but with the visit from his brother and girlfriend and various other things, we did not start school and I haven't even ordered him the book I want him to use.  How's that for starting out well our last year of homeschooling?  At least at this late point in the game, I am wise enough not to panic.  He'll be fine.  We'll get there.  He's motivated to finish and so he's willing to work weekends and holidays if need be.  :-)   Relaxed Homeschooling

The weather has been so absolutely beautiful lately.  I told the kids they must have brought it with them, because it stormed every day until they got here from Mississippi and then the whole time they were here it was gorgeous.

Since we're not homeschooling and I don't have anything about that, I'll share pictures of the giant Mississippi watermelon that filled 5 bowls.  We were successful in eating it and not wasting any.  :-)  Also, here are 2 pictures of the moon, one at night and one in the day.

The next post will be about homeschooling I promise.  :-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Great Stacation.

Our wonderful stacation is over.  I actually was working minimally during the week so I don't know if that counts but we did a lot of vacation-y type things and we also did a lot of homey things so whatever, it was a great week.  Now it's over and we have to go back to real life.  :-P   These are random pictures off my phone .... babies, a drawing, the dog photos I always include in every post, and the pool.  I didn't get in the pool much during the visit because I was pretty busy most of the time, but yesterday the pool and I had a reunion.  It was great.

Now, back to real life.  Homeschooling and home-college-ing will begin shortly, so stay tuned.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Enjoying the week.

We've had pictures made, visited grandmas and aunts, got to have dinner with my brother (and will tomorrow with my husband's brothers and mom and dad),  We gone to the local parks and seen the some of the local sites.  We've spent a lot of time at home, cooking, grilling, watching TV, playing games, having friends over, etc.  Sometimes when I am outside with Freckles (the dog) waiting for her to do her thing, I look in the back door and think about how blessed I am.  I hope that I can take some of my blessed peaceful feelings into the next few weeks when we are back to trying to get things done.  :-)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Having fun!

We are  visiting with my son and his girlfriend baking brownies and bread and seeing friends and family.   It's pretty wonderful.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Positive News?

I set up some google alerts some time back.  I have been dealing with depression so I set up google alerts for joy, happiness, depression and positive news.  All of them seem to work well with links to good, helpful articles, except for the positive news one.  I've thought about deleting it because it really doesn't work in the spirit that I had intended, although it did give me quite the laugh this morning.  Here are the positive news headlines I received in my inbox this morning.

Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile

Cannondale-Garmin's Tom Danielson Tests Positive for Banned Substance

El NiƱo: Destructive, but positive for economy, farming

Woods at Wyndham 'would be positive chaos'

Stray kitten in East Haven tests positive for rabies
Truck driver tested positive for meth after crash

Not quite what I had intended when I set it up.  :-)

Saturday, August 01, 2015

A little less whiny today.

Maybe it was watching 4 hours of Gilmore Girls last night ( I really love that show that we have recently discovered) but I am in a slightly better mood today, less whiny.  Whatever the cause, I'm going with it.  I don't mind feeling better about things today even though nothing has really changed.
I may have defeated the wasps around our back door that kept stinging us when we were turning the key, with 3 cans of wasp spray and a glob of green playdoh (to block their entrance to the inside of  the wall.)

I art journaled my first bookmark.

Yesterday, was just a gorgeous day.

My daughter made this fake fire for VBS.  The kids were playing like they were camping out.


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