Sunday, July 12, 2009

New additions.

These are youngest sons new fish, Pinkie and Flamie, (as in Flame). They are tetras. In this photo, they seem to be looking at their reflections, probably wondering if this aquarium makes them look fat (if they're girls anyway!)
He's been wanting to have fish for a long, long time and we finally said yes. We've had them about 2 hours and already I keep forgetting their names. I told my oldest to go take a picture of Pinkie and whats-his-face (or maybe I should have said her face?). Really, some days I'm lucky to remember my own name.

1 comment:

Freakmom said...

LOL at "does this aquarium make me look fat?"

Welcome to your new fishes. Violet has had Peanut and Almond for a couple of months and I still can't tell them apart. (We think they are girls too.)


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