Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I hate trying to think up a title.

I have no idea how to title today.  It was busy, but I've already titled a post 'busy day"  I tried using the title "well" but it was used already too.  I've used "okay" before too.  Today was really just okay.  We did some things, none of them too terribly exciting and now I'm supposed to be working.  Actually I am working, except for right this minute, when I'm transmitting reports on the world's slowest internet and so having a minute to blog.  

I finished the Bartimaeus Trilogy of books by Johnathon Stroud.  (spoiler alert!!!)  I was a little disappointed in it.  I enjoyed every minute reading it until the last page and then, not so much.   I need happy endings in my life.  I guess every now and then you need to read one that doesn't have a happy ending so you feel a little tension reading the next book?  Maybe. 

I still haven't made one decision regarding our homeschool for next year.  I took my big old catalog (you know the one I'm always mentioning but never actually looking at!) to the pool tonight, but didn't crack it open.  Again.

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