Friday, July 17, 2009

Another day, another wall?

We haven't started yet.  We're tired from yesterday.  It's really cloudy and overcast which kind of makes a person lethargic for some reason.  Anyway, yesterday we painted the biggest wall with no cabinets on it, the first coat.  So today, we need to do that wall completely again and then we'll only have the 2 walls with cabinets.  I'm hoping they'll go pretty quickly.  I'm ready to be done.  The mess is getting to me.   When I get done with this one, I'll still have 2 rooms in my house that need to be painted.  One is the master bedroom, which has 4 huge walls with no cabinets on any of them and the laundry/mudroom, which is always full of junk.  Neither one will be any fun.  I don't know when we'll tackle those.  Next summer and the summer after that?  Maybe we will and maybe we'll just decide we like builder's flat white paint.  Hey, we've lived with it this long. 

As I was typing this, my daughter, who is my number one helper, said she's ready to start.  A nice breakfast of fetticini alfredo with chicken and broccoli and she's raring to go.  Maybe I should try some of that stuff?

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Mother Mayhem said...

I have a mess in the corner of the school room right now. It's not bothering me too badly. Yet. It's are new school stuff! Woot!


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