Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Art journal page, experimenting with color.
I might have a small surgery tomorrow.  The details are kind of driving me a little bit crazy.  I have to get not a surgical clearance now, but a cardiac clearance.  I have an appointment with my doctor today to see if she can give me that, otherwise, my surgery will have to be postponed.  It's crazy because I've already taken off work, my husband is on standby, as to whether he has to take off work.  It's frustrating but in a way, I will kind of be glad to put it off a bit.  I always, always hope that next week, next month, whatever, will be less of a stressful time.

I'm generally wrong about that, but I keep hoping.

UPDATE:   No surgery until I see a cardiologist.

Hey, things could happen and I could have a wonderfully stress free week.

A girl can hope.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My weekend.

I did not get as much done yesterday as I had hoped.  We did clean Mom's house a little bit.  I really need to get on that today!  I crocheted, my daughter made a bunch of scarves and I worked on my scrap-ghan.

Here are some pics of what we did get done .... I have this little obstacle to crocheting sometimes.  Her name is Freckles ....

Scarves my daughter made with polka-dot specialty yarn.

Bunch of scarves with homeschool wall decorations in the background .... 

My crocheting process, with Freckles "helping".

Scrap-ghan getting big.  We haven't trimmed the threads yet, obviously.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another day, another field trip!

This time, because of Smithsonian free museum day (happens once a year) we went to the Lincoln Museum.  It was pretty nice.  We had a good time.  When we got finished there, of course, we had to go to the craft store and Moes for nachos.

This painting really impressed me.
There were deer in our front yard this evening.  

Field trip.

Louisville skyline.
We went to the Louisville water company  which has surprisingly beautiful architecture then walked across the pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River.  I did not get very good photos of the bridge, but a few of the view from it.

The ramp up to the bridge with the shadow of the bridge.
An island in the Ohio.  I tried to look up the name, but didn't find it.

Water tower.  

This is the building that used to hold the old steam pumps for the water company.  I can't believe how pretty they made it.

This was in the water tower museum, a prescription for cholera.  I think maybe it was just to make you not care that you had cholera .... 

These are all inside the steam pump building.  So pretty. 

The bottom of the water tower.
After that, we went to see mom, got stuck in traffic for a long time, then came home and collapsed to watch part of season 7 of The Big Bang Theory that we got from Netflix.  It was a good day.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random pictures.

Freckles seems to like the scrap-ghan afghan.  I do too.  I'm enjoying crocheting and I think, being me, that making random changes in the yarn colors helps me enjoy it more.  I think that if I had done all of this in one color, I'd be bored.  

Some things my daughter has crocheted this week.

It's not really looking very fallish yet, not a lot of color.  (This is our front yard, from the porch.)

Our wreath which is now hanging on the shutter, due to a bird who built her nest on the wreath when it was on the door, then flew in every time we opened the door past sunset.  Not fun for anyone, so she got moved to the shutter.

A funny from this week.

My daughter got her driver's permit a couple of weeks ago.  She is 18.  We inadvertently started a tradition when my older son broke his ankle and had to wait a long time to get his permit.  We took him in, finally, to get it a month or so before his 18th birthday and found that if we waited until he was actually 18, we could bypass some of Kentucky's laws regarding underage drivers, keeping logs of their driving and getting a statement from the school board to prove that they are home schooled, etc. so, we just waited and he got his license at 18.

So anyway, my daughter wanted to go to a local parking lot and practice for the first time.  She drove back and forth, around and around, practiced parking in some spaces and after about half an hour, I asked her if she'd like to drive home.  It's a mile and a half, back a little country road with not a lot of traffic, so we thought it would be okay.  She seemed to be getting the hang of it.  However, one thing that I had not considered and she had no idea about, was that the little country road has a lot of hills and this big old heavy car we're driving (Thelma) accelerates when you go down hills.  The first couple of downhills were pretty scary.  I was yelling "put on the brakes!" and "slow down!" as we were accelerating towards the ditch.

After we flattened out and things were calm again, my daughter expressed that she did not like me yelling at her.  I said "Honey, I'm not yelling because I'm mad at you, I'm yelling because I'm terrified!"  :-)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Knowing which thing to focus on.

That's the hard part about days off.  Should I go to mom's house and clean or should I sit by the phone waiting for her nurse practitioner to call or should I actually go see her or should I stay home and work on my own house?  My son is up early this morning, doing his schooling because he learned from being busy with my plans last Monday all day and getting behind, that he should get up and prioritize.  That's huge.  One of the things that is kind of bad about our kind of homeschooling is the tendency to slack off for the whole week and catch up on Friday and the tendency to be lazy and sleep in.  I know that teenagers internal clocks are different and they need to sleep in a little, but these youngest 2 of mine carry this to ridiculous proportions.  My daughter stays up late into the night working on her book (she's writing a novel) and then will sleep half the day.  My son is a little better. Right now, I am glad that he's awake.  I've already had a Jehovah's Witness at my door at 9:00 on a Monday morning.  Did they really think that someone would be home?  I mean, most people aren't.   I was polite but firm.  There's no chance that I am going to be converted.

Also, this morning, as I mentioned, I am expecting a call from mom's NP so I can get my son to man the phone while I take a shower.  It's nice to have someone around and awake in the morning to do that.  Sometimes my shower gets procrastinated into the afternoon for these kinds of things and I don't want that to happen today.  It's already 11, so I'd better get in there now!

Have a good day everyone!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Resisting the urge to name every blog post "Hanging in there."

That is truly what I am doing.  Going to the pain clinic exhausted me the other day.  I'm working, my son is homeschooling himself with my daughter's help and I spent a lot of time yesterday cooking, doing laundry and dishes, art journaling, crocheting and generally trying to retreat and rejuvenate myself for a big effort today - I am finally going to see that other assisted living facility I have been saying I was going to go see for 3 weeks and I'm taking a friend with me for moral support.  Then, we are going to go to see mom.  I could use the moral support there too.  This weekend will probably be involved with some very intense cleaning out of mom's house.  We've been going pretty slowly so far and we need to up the pace and get it done so we can sell it ASAP.

The weather is cool and beautiful and I have a very, very good friend who will go with me so that I don't have to be alone.  I'm thankful.

This one is actually not quite done ... 

Playing around with painting a chevron pattern in the background.

It's crooked.  Oh well.

The scrap-ghan is going well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Up and down, lots of stuff.

It's just kind of crazy here all the time, it seems like.  Yesterday was a pretty bad day and a pretty good day, all in one.  It started out bad.  I woke up in pain, in my side and in my head with a very bad headache.  I'm still newish at this company and I don't like to take off work so I took some Tylenol and worked anyway.  While trying to get my work done, I had seemingly endless problems with the internet and the computer system that my company provides for me to work on.  Also, during the morning, I was trying to make soup that my family had requested I make and realized that I had bought the wrong supplies, I spilled coffee on some important papers, a pen exploded on my hand and the toilet overflowed.  I persevered though and then after work and all of this other stuff, it was time to go get my mom and take her to the pain clinic.  I had to go get her, drive her to the pain clinic and then take her back, which took several hours.  I was gone from 2-8 p.m. Thankfully, the pain clinic was running on schedule so that was very helpful.  Mom was not in a good mood, was not happy with the situation, and was certainly not happy about going back to her assisted living.  It was a very, very, very emotionally difficult journey.  I came home drained and discouraged.

When I got home, there were cupcakes (gluten free ones from Whole Foods!) and my family had finished making the soup that I had started that morning.  Then I got a couple of messages from my friend whose sister runs an art gallery.  My friend had shown her sister some of my work and she said that her sister thought my art work was beautiful, wants to have more of it, wants to sell it in her gallery and instead of having a show of my work in November as she had already promised (due to her sister's recommendation, without seeing my art) she wants to do it now.  I'm excited.  

So, you know, up, down, up, down.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Exciting day.

Yesterday didn't start off exciting, just a regular work day, but then last night we went to a "reveal party" for my brother and sister in law's fourth baby.  We all found out at the same time that it was a boy when the cake we cut into was blue.  It was fun.  They already have 2 girls and 1 boy so this one will even things out.  Then we played some games, introducing the group to Mille-Bornes the classic car racing card game.  It was fun.  After a while I sat out because of uneven numbers and had even more fun playing Headbanz with my niece and nephew.

While we were there, my brother-in-law checked his phone and found that my son had changed his status on Facebook to "In a relationship."  Very exciting.  I can't wait to meet this young lady.  Unfortunately, she lives in Mississippi, so it will probably be a while.  :-)

Day off today ... will probably spend cleaning my mom's house, not fun, but at least I will have 2 new things to smile about while I'm doing it.


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