Monday, November 23, 2015

Family Time!

This week, I don't have any doctors appointments, no 4H meetings and nothing on my schedule except work and family time.  Our oldest son has been home since Saturday and we are thoroughly enjoying spending time as a family.  We've been playing board games and on the WiiU that my youngest son bought himself in a pre-black Friday event and mostly talking, talking, talking.  All the messaging in the world just doesn't take the place of talking in person.  Phones come closer, but we are not phone kind of people.  :-)   We have done something similar to Skype in the past and that was fun, but out internet is not the best as supporting that, because it's slow.

Our son's sweet girlfriend did not get to visit this time and we miss her, since we've already become attached but she will get to come back with him for Christmas.

Today is my day off work, so I am off to run some errands and do a little bit of pre-Thanksgiving shopping!

Homeschooling is out for the week because it's always out when our oldest is home, for maximum family time.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Working at my MT job.

I'm still a medical transcriptionist, working at home, despite many job applicatins and a couple of interviews, here I still am.  Today, I'm okay with it.  I got a lot of new accounts last week but they haven't been as bad as I anticipated.  I don't like change.  Today, the doctor I am typing for, got on the phone and immediately said very snottily, "Please. Transcribe. Every. Word. I. Say."   If it were my last day of work here at this job, I would .. and the last sentence I just typed would read as follows:

Um.  As was noted above, uh, uh, the patient has grown significantly, uh, uh, uh, and appears to be in a growth spurt.  Since uh, uh, uh, one year ago, um  there has been an approximate 17 pound weight gain and the patient um, has grown greater than 5 inches.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Talking about weird stuff.

When you have young people around, there always seem to be conversations about what superpower you would want to have if you could only choose one  (for me, it's instant travel anywhere I want to go) and if you could be half human, half animal what animal would it be?  (Bear, obviously, they eat all summer and sleep all winter!)    Often, the conversation comes up about what we would choose to eat if we were on death row and choosing our last meal.  For us gluten free peoples, Krispy Kremes is always #1, followed by things like dinner rolls, biscuits and gravy and pizza with cheese in the crust.  The other night, we were watching Hart of Dixie and the character on that show was trying to think what to say on a first date and came up with the death row dinner question, then she took it one further ... what would you have done to get on death row.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  I said that I would have killed Bridget and Racheal from Cardholder Services.  We get at least one of those scam calls every day, usually when I am feeling really bad or taking a nap.  :-P

Saturday, November 14, 2015

One step forward, a half a step back.

It's not like I'm getting worse in my recovery process, it's just that every time I try to do something, like go see my mom or take the dog to the vet (last 2 days), I feel absolutely horrible by the end of the day.  I guess eventually, I'll feel better but right now it seems a little hard to believe.   Through all of this, our last year of homeschooling is marching on.  He (the youngest, only one still homescholing boy/young man) does his work with little prompting from anyone.  He reads.  He has been researching and reading classics like Beowolf and The Catcher in the Rye, just because he wants to.  I registered him and his sister to take the ACT in December and maybe they will go to college together next fall.  I don't know.  I know that the boy is dreaming of going off to a 4 year college and making it on his own like his brother, but I also know that unless he gets a similar scholarship to the one his brother received, that can't happen.  We'll see I guess.  

We had our first frost this morning and we are gearing up to Thanksgiving.  I have not embraced the season yet, or gotten excited about the holidays.  I have just been concentrating on getting better and watching a LOT of TV.  I've watched a ton of Friends, Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, Castle and now we are getting Hart of Dixie on Netflix, which we are enjoying immensely so far.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Too much, too soon.

I started back to work yesterday for the first day since surgery and it did not go well.  I felt awful and my usual account did not have any work in it, so my supervisor assigned me to 4 more accounts.  Well, I've shared before all the nit-picky little things that can vary between accounts and how hard it is to keep up with what is bolded, what is not, what is verbatim and what accounts want you to edit the grammar and a million other things and then to keep these all in your head and make decisions in split seconds to try and go fast, fast, fast, in order to make enough lines to not get penalized, it's mind boggling and annoying and I hate it.  I spent half the day crying about it yesterday.  Then, I went to get my stitches out, thankfully my husband drove me so I could take a pain pill and nap a little on the way and then we went to meet some friends for dinner and had a lovely time, and then I decided to stop by Kroger and get my comfort foods which my husband had not bought at the grocery.  After my day at work, I felt in need of some comfort.  But walking through the grocery triggered an asthma attack and by the time we got home to my inhaler and I used it, I collapsed from exhaustion.  I did way too much on my first day back to real life.  :-(

Also, I hate my job more than ever, if that's even possible.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Art, art art.

I've done a lot while recuperating.  

It's 45 days till Christmas.

I've had quite an emotional week, with the surgery, with having to wait from Monday to Friday to get the (again benign) results and then with feeling thankful for it.  Also, I found out that it's 45 days until Christmas.  This inspired me to do a 40 day challenge, 40 days of exercise, 40 days of prayer, 40 days of doing a gratitude journal and this challenge 40 bags of stuff decluttered from my house in 40 days. (It's supposed to go along with the season of lent but I'm doing it for advent.)   So far, I'm 2 days in and since there are 5 extra days to play with, I am going to be able to give myself some margin to get it all done.  I am also going to go a little easy on myself with the exercise at first because of the fact that I am recovering from what turned out to be a very invasive, very painful surgery.  I'm thankful to be alive though and so, so very thankful that I don't have to have an even deeper, more painful surgery like I would have had if they had found cancer.  I don't know if I'll be able to get all this done, but I will try.  Even if I got only 20 bags of stuff out of the house and exercised for 20 days, I'd still be pretty happy about it.  Better than not trying, right?

Also, what does this post have to do with homeschooling?  Well, that's where I started, the homeschool cabinet ... one bag gone!

The weather has finally turned cool the last couple of days and has been beautiful.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Pretty much nothing.

It's funny how your world changes when you have a surgery like this.  I went from having a relatively normal day to day life to having the kind of  life where I pretty much sleep all the time and celebrate things like taking a shower, sleeping in my own bed, eating solid food  and  making it 5 hours without a pain pill. 

My son in Mississippi and I  were chatting about the surgery and he asked what else I had been up to ... well., pretty much nothing.   I'll get there eventually.   

I did find out yesterday that the final biopsy result was benign and I don't have to undergo another, deeper surgery and so now I can concentrate on getting better and building up my strength and getting back into life.  
 Meanwhile I am going to keep o celebrating the small victories.  :-) 

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

So ..

I had my little old surgery yesterday, the surgery that I had gotten the idea was going to be quick and pretty much painless and leave a small scar.  Well, that was not the case.  I have a scar from the front of my ear at the top, down under my jaw that is at least 6 inches.  They kind of peeled back my face to get to the salivary gland and on top of that, the biopsy results this time were not conclusive so now, again, I am waiting for biopsy results.  So lots of fun here.  We're watching a Friend's marathon, I'm sleeping off and on in my chair (not allowed to lie flat yet) and trying to make the best of it.  My husband is an excellent caregiver and it's a good thing because my daughter is not all better yet from her surgery last week.  Prayers would be appreciated.

We had a spectacular sunset here a couple of night ago, but living in the woods as we do, this was the best picture we could get of it.  


Sunday, November 01, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The next thing.

So now, we've got the festival behind us, the wisdom tooth surgery behind us, the selling of mom's house is behind us and the next thing is my salivary gland tumor surgery on Monday.  I'm a little nervous about it.  The main thing is that I hope that I bounce back quickly and feel pretty good because I might have to go right back to work.  :-(  Fun times.  Also, we found out that youngest son needs his wisdom teeth out as well, but there's no rush for him, so we'll see.

In other news my Christmas cactus is blooming though it is Halloween.   It is beautiful.

what does any of  this have to  do  with  homeschooling?  It makes things easier because I  can leave youngest home with his sister to go visit mom, instead of leaving her home alone after surgery.   Homeschooling has made our lives easier and richer.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What do you do when the dog has 2 heads?

Call the doctor.  My daughter had her wisdom teeth out yesterday and came home and some time later, mentioned that since the procedure she had been seeing double on one side and that it looked like Cosmo had 2 heads.  By the time the doctor called back, it had pretty much resolved, but all in all, despite watching Back to The Future II and III and Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, it wasn't a very fun day.  Tired after moving and festival-ing over the weekend, the rest of us just kind of laid around with her.  The boy did keep to his exercise routine and his school schedule and I did work in the morning, but the afternoon was couch potato time, pretty much.  It was rainy and cold all day, which added to the lethargy.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Be careful what you wish for.

I'm one of those people who likes to get things over with, not everything, but a lot of things.  I like to check them off my list.  So in the next little-over-a-week, I am checking off this fall festival I'm in charge of, selling mom's house, getting my daughter's wisdom teeth out, and having surgery on my salivary gland.  That makes a very complete week there.  The trouble with wishing for all these things to be done and over with, is that sometimes they all happen in the same darn week!  It's a bit stressful.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Community Classes.

I just wanted to get you to think, this morning, about what classes and opportunities might be available in your area, for free, for you and for your homeschoolers.  This week, our library has baby, toddler and preschool storytimes, beginning quilting, rainbow loom, yoga, zumba, 3 or 4 different craft classes (one of which we went to last night), computer classes, bridge lessons, a class on what herbs to harvest in the fall, a watercolor landscape painting class (oh how I wish that wasn't while I was working!), a computer basics class, a lego club, a knitting club, a club for quilters, a writing the story of your life group and more.  That's just this week, people and these are all free.  4H in our county has needlworking club, sewing, sport fishing, country ham, sport shooting, and many more I can't think of right now.  Also, the local hospital has free classes.  We are toying with the idea of going to a free songwriting class tonight at a hospital. Also, we went to church and had a choir practice with a director who has a master's degree in music and we are learning from her how to sing better, for free.  :-)    Look at the newspaper Facebook and search for classes in your area.  We had a ton of fun last night at the local library.

Also, I got my results back from my biopsy and it was benign!  Yay!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall stuff.

It was exactly the same temperature inside the house as out of it.  While waiting at the dentist for my daughter this morning, I read an article in Reader's Digest about how you can lose weight by keeping your thermostat down in the winter and having to burn off body fat to keep warm.  Hmmm.  Sounds like a plan.

Of course, if I keep making delicious desserts like this pumpkin cake with caramel frosting, the body fat will probably hang around!

This is the view from our porch right now as fall in Kentucky does its beautiful thing.  I once heard a quote where someone said if they lived to be 100, they'd regret that they only got to see autumn 100 times.  I agree.  It's just amazing.
The young adults here are on a fitness kick and have been walking or biking every day.  The other day they saw this humonguous mushroom/toadstool thing and took a picture of it with my phone, so I'm sharing.

We spent some time today getting ready for the fall festival I'm in charge of this weekend.  Fingers crossed it goes well!  


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