Saturday, December 01, 2012

Craft Sale!

Next week is the annual kids craft sale my daughter usually participates in.  It's kid's crafts and hers are pretty advanced, so I never really feel like she gets very good prices there.  All the crafts are priced low and that seems to be what people expect.  This Wednesday, we heard from a friend about a craft show today and we were invited to participate in it.  The fee for a table was 25.00 but our friend negotiated my daughter a better rate, since she is just a kid.  :-)  So anyway, we got there today and it was really nice and there were some serious shoppers there who were willing to pay real prices.  She made over 60 bucks and was very, very happy.  The really good news is that they have craft shows several times a year and actually the fall ones are better attended, (way better) so next October, she'll be cleaning up and earning college money!  :-) 


Amy said...

Wow....$60 is pretty awesome! Think of what she will do with a whole year to prepare. Makes me consider checking into this in our area. could be a nice little bit of spending money there. ;-)

Fatcat said...

I know, right? She would make things even if she had no market for them, so getting to sell a few and buy more yarn is great.


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