Saturday, December 29, 2012

A little dusting.

We only got a little dusting of snow today.  Just enough to make everything look pretty but not enough to make the driving treacherous.  Yesterday was an okay kind of day.  I finished work and then went up to see my friend whose husband is in the ICU with diabetic ketoacidosis and on a ventilator.   It's a pretty scary situation. They are going to try and wean him off of it today.  I'm worried about how they will make it.  They've had a really difficult couple of months.  Anyway, after that, I came home and played one of the new games Pictionary Man with some of my blessings.   After I got home, this pretty little snowfall started and since then, I've been trying to keep warm and trying to think of more ways to help my friend.  It's kind of complicated when you don't want to embarrass someone by offering help, but you don't want to not offer help if you are able to.

For today, I'm going to clean and then do some cooking.  My oldest son has been home for one of his 3 weeks already and so my time to spoil him with my good cooking is 1/3 over.  My daughter and I have made several of his favorites and we want to make him several more.  While he's been at school, he's been very cautious about his 2 dietary restrictions, gluten and dairy and has basically eaten only steamed veggies, fish and fruit:  healthy, but not tasty like Mom's home cooking.  :-)  

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