Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Gettin better.

My cold is quite a lot better.  They almost never knock me out for long, thank goodness.  I still feel kind of draggy, but I managed to get my work done today and now I'm going to run a couple errands and go see my mom.  I haven't seen her for several days because I didn't want to give her the cold syndrome.  I've pretty much stopped coughing now, and my throat feels pretty normal, so I think it will be okay.  I just checked and I do still have a slight fever, darn it.  Still, I probably will go and try not to breathe on mom while we're playing UpWords.  That's our favorite game and we're both quite good at it.  She's one of very few people who can give me some good competition.  My brother is the other one.  Okay, 2 people.  My Dad was the only other one.  We used to play some very close 4 way games and I really didn't know if I'd be able to play it again after he passed away, but Mom and I have picked it back up now and we enjoy it. 

The other day, we made kind of a (short) poem, while talking about our dismal letter selections.

She said  "I have 1 vowel and its an E."
and I said "I have 6 vowels.  And a T."

Sheer poetry, I tell you.

And since I can't share any new photos on my blog without paying for the privilege, I'll share some photos from UpWords games past and my blog archives.  I challenge, you, my blog readers to spell something with each of these sets of letters.  ;-) 

This set of letters would be pretty easy to make a word out of.

This set of letters is basically impossible without being able to see the board, since there are no vowels.  If there is an I in a suitable place on the board, you could spell ZINC.     In this picture, you can see that we've almost worn the letters off and have written them back with a Sharpie.  Since then, I bought new letters on Ebay.

This one would be easy to make a word out of because someone has already made the word FOE.  Can you come up with a different word? 

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