Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dare I say it?

I think my Christmas shopping may be done.  Possibly.  I still need to recheck the lists (you know, checking it twice)  and make sure but I think I might be done.  Also, my oldest son is coming home from Mississippi tomorrow for Christmas.  Yay.   And school is out.  And while I was gone to volunteer at the NICU, my daughter cleaned up the living room, swept and vacuumed.  That was wonderful to come home to.  So it may be time to change my picture to this one. 


Donna said...

You really are soooooo funny, You just gave me a laugh with your changing pictures - Thank You!! : )
Happy Holidays!!

Amy said...

That was nice of her to clean up for you. That's always SO nice for me to come home to a straightened up house. ;-)


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