Friday, December 07, 2012

Thursday. 18 days until Christmas.

Or so my youngest says and if anyone knows, it's him.  We've got so much going on, it seems like, but my husband and I did sit down yesterday and get most of the shopping done.  We ordered everything online.  It's really so much easier than going into the stores, I don't know why I whine so much.  With my husband doing the techy gifts, we got most of it taken care of.  I have 3 or 4 things left to buy and then I will be able to enjoy the holiday season.  Maybe.  I kind of over think it and stress out over it and think I don't have enough stuff and then realize that I probably have too much stuff.  You know, the usual.   Meanwhile, we're getting work and school done as usual.  My youngest son has started his novel and that's been his favorite thing to do this week.  It's really good so far.  I hope he keeps up with it.  He has a plan to write a book, get money and then start a business or a think tank or something, where he can play and somehow get paid for it.  :-)

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Amy said...

Sounds like he has a plan! ;-) My mom would love hearing that. She said her daddy used to always encourage them when they were younger in whatever they set their minds to do.


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