Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A couple of things. Okay 7.

I got a couple of things crossed off the list.  The 4H/kids party was today.  My mom's shopping is done.  Between my mother-in-law and me, we've got 6 things to pick up.  I can do those tomorrow and Thursday.  It's not cutting it close or anything is it?  I've got a total of 7 things to either do or pick up, not including regular housekeeping, work and school chores.  It sounds pretty much doable.  Let's hope that it is.  :-P

This afternoon, my daughter made a scarf as an experiment with 2 different kinds of yarn, a Christmas mixed colors regular yarn and a silver eyelash.  My husband said it looked like peppermint, a Christmas tree and tinsel all together.  Here I am modeling it.  Please ignore the wild look in my eyes.  That might be my inner Grinch peeking out. 


Donna said...

Great scarf, very holidayish - I love it! Very nice picure of you also : ) Happy Holidays!!

Amy said...

Oh dear, you made me giggle! Tell her I love the scarf....very cool effect!


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