Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday, resting.

I'm resting today.  I got up sick this morning and realized that my husband had shared his cold with me.  He is braving it and went to work, and I wimped out of church and stayed home.  This morning, I had no voice at all and couldn't even speak, but now I can but I don't want to.  I'm watching TV and playing The Sims and just generally not doing much of anything.  It's actually kind of nice, since really I don't feel all that bad.  I'm taking Cold-Eeze in the hopes that it will go away quickly.  I may do some work on the Christmas lists today.  They need organizing.  Seriously.  It's already December second!!!!  I am going to switch into my before-Christmas-stressing-out-because-I-think-Christmas-is-coming-too-quickly mode, just like I do every year, but not until after today.  My little unplanned break from the business.


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