Friday, November 30, 2012


I wasn't prepared for how sleepy giving up my one cup of coffee a day would make me.  I just want to nap.  Instead I'm working, albeit kind of slowly and in between typing jobs, trying to get the teenagers to wake up. That is not an easy task.  The waking the kids up part, I mean.  They really are not morning people.  My oldest, in Mississippi this morning, forgot to set his alarm and slept through his first class.  Oh well.  These things happen, I guess.  I want these younger 2 to wake up soon because we've got piano lessons today and I don't want school going on still at midnight tonight.  I really want to be in bed, asleep by then. 

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Amy said...

Goodness, I seriously think it's just a 'teen-age' thing. My youngest two used to always get up they ALL sleep til about 10-11am. I finally gave up being frustrated this year & realized that's a PLUS for homeschooling......I can switch my schedule up whenever I need to. So, now we most likely can be found doing school in the afternoons & that's fine. P.S.....pray for Jon in the morning.....he's taking his SAT test tomorrow & then we will celebrate!


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