Friday, May 01, 2009


Things are going okay this week.  I finished reading Twilight and now I feel like a person who has come out of a 2 day coma.   School has been going okay.  No one's been grounded this week for school reasons, although I have been easing up on them a little, letting them do art instead of math one day (although it was geometric art so that might count!)  

I got a textbook the other day on science and my daughter, while flipping through it actually said this sentence:  "Oooh, Egyptian heiroglyphics!  I love Egyptian heiroglyphics.  They're so cool!"  I told her she sounds like a homeschooler. 

Last night we went to a 4H awards banquet.  The food was really great but we didn't get to stay until all of the awards were given out because we had to go pick up my oldest from the library.  Anyway, I'm glad we went. 

I'm not doing very well with my blog post this morning, it's taking me a long time and it feels stilted or something.  I guess I should've known better than to try and write before coffee!

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