Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going to the park today.

We've got a park day today with a larger homeschool group that we're a part of in Louisville. This is our first outing with them. There is not anyone close to my oldest son's age in our local group, so I'm networking in this other group to find him some kids closer to his age to hang out with. Today, we're going to have a little meet and greet, do a scavenger hunt and eat snacks at the park, just so the kids can get to know each other. After this, I'm hoping we can get together once a month or so. They've met each other on email, so this will be an IRL meeting. :-)

Last night, the library called and told us that a book called "Math doesn't suck" was in. My library card is blocked because I owe excessive fines (3 whole dollars!) which no one mentioned to me when I was there either Monday or Tuesday, so I can't put books on hold. So, I put the book on hold on my youngest son's card. I told him that his book was in and that it was called "Math doesn't suck." and he said, "Oh yes it does."

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Amy said...

Oh goodness....that one made me giggle......'Oh yes it does' Hee!Hee!


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