Friday, May 15, 2009

Excuses, excuses.

Doesn't having surgery yesterday count as an excuse for not getting my list done?  One would think so.  My youngest thinks that it should excuse me from only 3 things on my list.   My morning list consists of cooking, cleaning, dishes, showering, exercising and putting 2 things in the goodwill box (very gradual and easy decluttering).  The doctor's note I brought home did say that I could walk (but I don't think he meant strenuously!) and that I could shower, so that's 2 things on my list I could do.  I've already washed the dishes, but haven't cleaned the rest of the house.  I gave it an especially good cleaning the day before surgery, so it looks okay.   I think I'm excused from my list, but school is on for the kids.  If they'd had surgery, they'd be excused! 

That decided, I'd better not try to teach anything too strenuous today, I am in a serious brain fog from the anesthesia.   Way out there, spacy.   I'm reading a book from the library that's marked as 3rd grade reading level and having a little bit of trouble staying focused on it.  Probably better not work tonight.  ;-)

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