Thursday, May 07, 2009

A new level of grounding.

For a long time around here we've had grounding levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 but yesterday Mom made a new threat.  I told my youngest that if he didn't get his school work done today in a timely manner, he was going to be at grounding level 47.  It was just the first number I thought of.  We've been silly today and thought of 47 things you can't do when you are grounded to level 47.  Here they are.

Grounding level 47.

1. No reading books

2. No reading magazines.

3. No reading newspapers.

4. No going outside.

5. No listening to music.

6. No listening to anything on CD.

7. No listening to anything on MP3

8. No listening to anything on tape.

9. No radio.

10. No eating sweets.

11. No eating junk food of any kind.

12. No drawing.

13. No painting.

14. No coloring.

15. No markers.

16. No writing lists of things you want for your birthday or Christmas.

17. No playing with the pets.

18. No video games.

19. No instant messaging.

20. No texting.

21. No TV.

22. No email.

23. No phone calls.

24. No talking.

25. No playing cards.

26. No games.

27. No toys.

28. No playing with substitute toys, like rubber bands, cups, strings, pieces of paper, pieces of wood, silverware or anything.

29. No dancing.

30. No singing.

31. No watching anyone else do any of these things.

32. No smiling.

33. No laughing.

34. No relaxing.

35. No daydreaming.

36. No whispering and/or muttering to yourself.

37. No looking out the window.

38. No doing anything fun.

39. No chewing bubble gum.

40. No making mouth noises.

41. No whistling.

42. No making faces.

43. No making rude noises.

44. No jumping.

45. No bouncing.

46. No wiggling.

47. No whining.


I'm sure it won't take him 5 minutes to figure out a loophole.


Freakmom said...

LOL! I love that list.

Sarah Thompson said...

Then it becomes level 48:

#48 - No trying to figure out loopholes :)

Miekie said...

Bet it would be easier just to get the school work done than to work out a loophole on that one! (Think Sarah's got a great idea to prevent that anyway!)

Anonymous said...

LOL! So funny. I read it to my homeschooler and she turned to me and said. "I'd cook!"
I feel like doing this all the time. Thanks for the blog!


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