Friday, May 01, 2009

He's the Man.

My 10-year-old gets the man award for yesterday.  We had a spider about the size of a small dog in our shower yesterday.  It crawled onto my leg.  (Eeek!)   I can tell you that my heart is very strong and I have no need for any expensive cardiac stress tests.  I took care of that at home.  The spider was not so lucky.  I scared it literally to death, either that or it drowned.  Anyway, I spent yesterday  unshaved and unconditioned because of my hasty exit from said shower.  A little while later when it was time for my daughter to take a shower, we had a discussion of who would get the nasty thing out of there so she could get in.  Not her.  Not me.  Even 16 year old son who has often taken on such jobs in the past, could not stomach getting anywhere near this large spider.  Daddy was unavailable.  So youngest son took the dustpan and broom and bravely did it. 

We're so proud.

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