Friday, March 28, 2014

Yesterday, down. Today, better.

Yesterday, I was feeling very, very, very down in the dumps.  All that we have went through in the past few months was just weighing me down.  I did finish work and I did go pick up my mom's medications, take them to her, visit with her a while and stopped by her house to make sure everything was okay there.  Going into the house was not as bad as it has been most other times I have been there.  I am not sure why.  By the time I got home, I was again, determined to have a decent evening with my family and I did.  Determination is a powerful thing.

Today is Friday and of course, the kids will be rushing to get finished with school tonight.  It's ridiculous, but there it is.  They do it every week.  I used to do a similar thing we called invoice weekend once every 2 weeks with one of my prior jobs, rushing to do a ton of work on the weekend before, you guessed it, I had to send my invoice in for services rendered, to get paid.  It is a family trait.

Speaking of work, there are a few things better and some worse about this job.  Better is that they are all one type of note basically so as I go along and get used to this particular specialty, I think it will be easier.  Another thing is that I have access to prior typed dictations, even those typed by other people, to use for reference as to what the doctor usually says.  Also, I can adjust the backspace function on the foot pedal and the spell check is not horrible.  :-)  One bad thing is that they have these normals /templates that come into the report automatically and for those things, if the physician says basically that thing again and I don't have to change it, I don't get paid.  What most of them do is say the same things, but in a different order so I have to move things around but still don't get paid for them and I can't make normals of my own because when I plug them into the report, they will not come in highlighted and then I'd get paid for the whole thing and that is a no-no.  Not that I have tried it, but I have been warned as a part of my training.  Here's an example.  What is highlighted in yellow is what I don't get paid for.  You can see why this is an issue.

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