Monday, March 24, 2014


It's Monday and I don't have to work.  On my new job, my day off is Monday.  I am not sure how to act.  I had a doctor's appointment so I went to that, went to the pharmacy and got mom's medications, took them to her and visited a bit and now I am back home and I am thinking of taking a nap.  When I was at the doctor, I thought I probably had a urinary tract infection so I had them check and I did have one, so I'll pick up my medications later.  My daughter woke up with cold symptoms.  I hope she doesn't pass that around for all of us to share. 

I don't want any.

;)Dee in response to your comment about grounding each other - They have worked out a system so that each decides the appropriate punishment if they don't finish school on time each week.  She has only messed up once, he does it all the time.  They are really good kids and almost grown up so this is the only thing they ever get in trouble for.  I don't want to stay up until midnight on Fridays to hand out sentences, so I let them ground each other.   Usually I know first thing Saturday morning because generally he is grounded from TV and video games, but when she did music and audiobooks (which she thought would be more painful for him right now) it surprised me.

My kids are so amusing.

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