Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stressing out.

Yes, I am stressing out.  The new job should be fine and if I wasn't coming into it pre-stressed, it would be.  A lot of it, including the headache yesterday, is hormonal.  I think that I did reasonably well today, but it took a lot out of me.  The phone kept ringing all day long and that does not help my concentration while I am trying to learn a billion new things.  The account is new and the account specifications that I am trying to learn are changing on a daily basis.  Seriously, they said don't print them out, just keep them in your email and refer to them because they will change tomorrow.  That, getting used to a new computer system, new location place names, a specialty I have typed some for, but not a ton, new dictators, etc and it just adds up to a lot.  My immediate family is smart enough to stay away.  It's one of those throw chocolate in the door kind of situations.  I am not sure how I am going to fit my volunteering into my new schedule, maybe on Sunday, but I need to go hold the babies.  That's one of my best ways to de-stress. 

The kids are doing school on their own and hopefully they are doing it.  I might get grouchy with them if they aren't.  With regards to school days, our state voted to allow school systems to take off 10 days due to snow.  I think we should join them.  :-) 

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