Sunday, March 23, 2014

Imagine my surprise.

I just found out that my youngest son is grounded.  Apparently, he didn't get his school work done by midnight on Friday - he says he missed it by 20 minutes - and his sister had to ground him.  I found out when he came into share my music.  I was blasting 21 Pilots on my computer as my oldest son's musical tastes have rubbed off on me.  I think it's interesting that I didn't know that he was grounded.  She has grounded him from audio books and music this week. 

Yesterday, to deal with my grief over my mom's situation, I took my daughter yarn shopping.  We also did such girly things as buying chocolate, going to Bath and Body Works and buying prom accessories.  It's so fun having both boys and girls to introduce you to new things and help distract and take your mind off your troubles.

My daughter is borrowing a prom dress from a friend.  Her friend went to a free prom dress event and came home with a pretty pink dress with a handkerchief hem.  My daughter had never tried on a handkerchief hem and she loves it.  Pink is not her favorite color, but she looks very pretty in it (of course, not that I am prejudiced or anything). 

On the work front, I just went in to check my QA feedback score and yesterday, all of the reports I turned in said "No errors".  :-)  That makes me happy.   I'm glad to know I can do the job. It was overwhelming at first. 

Since I am working on Thursday afternoons now, I have not decided on where in my schedule to put my volunteering in the NICU.  I might go today.  Tomorrow's really my only other option and I usually go see my mom on Monday.  She has other visitors on Sunday afternoons.

Anyway, that's this weekend. 

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:)De said...

So did you back her up in his grounding? Sometimes my oldest will redirect my youngest and I unknowingly will call him to do something, only to be told that he is in the corner for such and such. I try to show a united front. I do ask her to run stuff by me when possible, but sometimes he does things when I am not around.


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