Monday, March 10, 2014

Good day.

I had a good day today.  I worked this morning.  Then for lunch we had breakfast, sausage, eggs, cinnamon roll pancakes - just because.  I was going to make some gluten free biscuits, but someone mentioned pancakes and  so we made those instead.  We made arrangements to get my son's car fixed maybe.  Someone is going to take a look at it.  The boys are going to push it there tomorrow.  The garage is not far from here and mostly downhill.  :-P. 

So anyway, after breakfast, we went to town to take a tour, see the sights and found a relatively clean looking pile of snow to have a snowball fight and build a tiny snowman.  It was kind of a hilarious thing to do as warm as it was today, but it was the first snowball fight ever for the 2 boys from the south who are visiting.  It was funny. 

Then we went to goodwill because apparently they like very much to look at junk.  Then I went to see mom and they went home.  My oldest son was going to come see her too, but they stayed too long at the goodwill and it was time for some of mom's roommates to go to bed.   I'll make sure he gets up there some time this week. 

I got a call about the new job I am pursuing and it sounds really good.  I can't see how I could turn it down because it is typing, not editing and I really don't like editing.

So that's my day.  I'm really enjoying spring break with all these kiddos around.  They are great and I enjoyed my visit with my mom and her roommates too. 

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