Thursday, March 06, 2014

Spring cleaning.

We are having company next week so we are doing spring cleaning this week.  It's kind of nice to get it done.  The kids are doing most of the work with my husband and I pitching in when we are not working.  I'm tired of course.  I took off from my volunteer shift today to do my part of the cleaning.  It wears me out after the year I have had, with the urinary tract infection that lasted for 3 or 4 months and drained me of energy and then the arthritis issues that I have had.  Fortunately, I am doing better in both of those areas and I am building my strength back.  I clean for about half an hour, then sit and do something else for about half and hour and then clean for another half an hour.  It works for me and I get the work done, it just takes longer.  I can't clean like a maniac for 5 hours and then take the evening off, so I do it this way.  The kids have a similar system it seems but they have been knocking out a ton of work, so I am not complaining.   I have let them clean and screen and figure out what kind of system they want to use and what order they want to do things in.   They have done a great job this week.   Tonight, I will finish the major parts of my cleaning and then tomorrow I will go to the grocery.  I've finally worked out a cooking/menu plan for the week. I sure hope these young men that are coming like stews and soups, because that's a lot of what we are having.  That's a lot of what I normally cook, in my quest to keep the grocery bill down, soups with lots of veggies and meat for seasoning.   I always have a terrible fear that a child will be in my care and will starve to death, overnight.  I always stress out when we have a sleepover.  This is different though, because these guys are young adults and they will be here for 8 days.  It will be different and interesting and probably a lot of fun. 

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