Monday, March 17, 2014

Changing again.

With my new job, Monday is going to be my day off again.  Its been than way before, but it's been a while.  I chose Thursday a few years ago when I was working nights and that was skate night.  Now it's volunteer night and I don't know if I will be changing that or not.  From what I can gather about my new job from a couple of phone conversations, they are pretty flexible about when I get my lines, morning or evening, breaks, etc., so I can work a few hours in the morning, go and volunteer and then come back and finish up.  Everything about the new job sounds good so far.  I can use my word expander, I can flex my hours, the files auto save after 1 minute (which was always an issue at my old job, losing reports due to power failure or trying to look something up...) and there is a spellcheck, something that kind of got lost in the shuffle to make more money at my old job .. the new VR system didn't have even basic medications in the spellcheck.  They have direct deposit.  It all sounds good.  I had a 1 hour training session with the recruiter/trainer this morning and now I am waiting to start official training with my coordinator tomorrow morning. 

In other things we have 4H today and we get to see our friends!

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