Monday, March 03, 2014

Kind of still waiting ...

This is the last snow in our front yard, but it pretty much looks the same today.  Same snow, different day.  :-P
We got a little bit of snow and maybe there is ice under it.  I'm not sure.  I haven't been out and probably won't go out in it.  The predicted half an inch of ice - which I am not disappointed not to get and 10 inches of snow, which I am kind of disappointed not to get.  My kids would have loved to see that much snow.   All in all, it was a pleasant day yesterday.  I had a good book but did not read it.  I was saving it in case the electricity went off.  Meanwhile, I did a clean and screen, doing laundry and dishes between episodes of The Closer, which is one of my favorite shows ever.  Then, after a while, we sat down and had a game night because that's what we would do if the electricity went off (which it thankfully didn't. )  We played Dicecapades and Munchkin.  Both were fun.  I did a little art journaling and tried to move out of my comfort zone a little, not just drawing flowers.  I looked for ideas on Pinterest.  I'll share those later.  My daughter celebrated getting her school work done and not being grounded by crocheting and finishing her brother's blanket and working on her own knitted one.  This week we need to prepare for having visitors.  The house is kind of a mess because basically, we are artsy, crafty, booky, lazy folks and we need to clean up, starting today for sure.  

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