Monday, August 04, 2008

We did it.

We went ahead and went to 6 Flags, just the 3 of us, me and the youngest 2 kids. The oldest does not like anything that goes high or goes in circles, so that pretty much eliminates rides for him. The temperature was high, but the crowds were low and if the kids wanted to ride a ride 5 times, they could, since there were barely any lines. We had a good time, but boy am I tired now.


A Bishops Wife said...


You are brave.

Amy said...

That's sounds like us going to Kings Dominion this year......each year Frito Lay sends us there for the company picnic & we're a little tired of it, but's FREE! And we also get food vouchers too. So, like you said, we can go & enjoy what we want & if we don't want to stay all day, then that's fine too.


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