Saturday, August 16, 2008

One week and a couple of days of school

behind us now. We missed another half day yesterday because I had to go to the doctor for an ear infection. It's always something. Still, the kids got their morning lists done and the morning lists have reading, writing and math, (algebra and computer for the oldest) so they got the basics in. If we only got the morning list done most of the time it would be okay. The afternoon classes are like the enrichment classes, the more fun, interesting things. I got a positive comment from the librarian the other day. I was checking out about 10 different books on Africa for our continuing geography study and she said "Studying Africa this week I see?" and I told her we were. She said "You all must have a lot of fun. That's cool."

Regular, sit-down school sessions are not looking too good for next week either. It's the Kentucky State Fair and we have 2 days of free tickets and I have to take my mom to the doctor on one of the other days. That leaves Thursday and Friday for all day school, but the state fair is educational and it does count as school. Even the public school kids here can get an excused absence for going to the fair, only one day, not 2 like we are planning. We love the fair though.

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Amy said...

Wow....the state fair sounds like fun!!


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