Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I've exceeded one of my goals today!

A while back I set my computer up on this service. Rescue Time. It's really neat. It keeps up with how much I am doing things on my computer, how much time I spend blogging, how much time I spend working, getting my email, etc. and sends me a report once a week, telling me what my productivity is for the week. Yesterday, I realized that I could have it send me alerts for when I'm spending too much time getting email or blogging or too little time doing work. So today I got my first email alert from them. This is what is said.

"You've exceeded your goofing off goal for today."

Hey, at least I'm excelling at something!

I accidently left a game running while I went to the grocery so it's actually not true, but funny!


Amy said... are my HERO! ;-)

That's funny!

Funky-Redhead said...

There are some things I'd just rather go through life NOt knowing. And THAT is one of THEM! LOL

Marina Martin said...

That's funny :)

I've also got Rescue Time installed and I shaved a few hours off my email and blog-writing time each week just by getting better at keyboard shortcuts. What email program do you use? GMail has an extension called GMail Macros that adds extra keyboard shortcuts so I can process my inbox lightning-fast.


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