Friday, August 08, 2008

Day Two.

Already, life is interrupting school. An old friend wants to drop by today to discuss medical transcription as a career option, so right in the middle of our school day, we'll have a visitor and before that, we'll need to clean, of course. We always need to clean. It's a never ending battle here. So we'll clean this morning a little bit, try to get our lists at least partially done and then do school this afternoon, if nothing else interupts us. We may end up counting it as half a day.

Speaking of counting the days, I've put my attendance records on index cards this year and put them in my regular index card file along with everything else I keep in there, doctor's phone numbers, blog ideas, addresses, user names and passwords, etc. It streamlines my desk a tiny bit because now I don't have that big binder for attendance here. Hopefully I'll keep up with the attendance well this year and not have to go back and fill in a month at a time by looking at my calendar.

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SabrinaT said...

WOW, I need to be more organized like you! How great...


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