Tuesday, August 19, 2008

State Fair.

Admission Tickets: 14 dollars.
Parking: 6 dollars.
Wristbands: Free.
Giant chili dog 4.50
Funnel Cake with cherries on top 6.00
Riding the escalator about a million times Free
Case of Gatorade 4.98
Newsboys Concert Free with fair admission.
Most fun day ever Priceless.

We had so much fun at the fair! The parking was surprisingly really good. We were right in front of the main part. We watched a tiger show and a dog show, dug for fossils, played putt putt, rode rides (someone gave us wristbands), went through 2 fun houses, walked around and looked at everything, rode the shuttle (my daughter LOVES the shuttle), rode the escalator about a million times, ate funnel cakes and chili dogs for dinner and then went to a great concert.


Amy said...

Sounds like y'all had an awesome time!!

Freakmom said...

mmm funnel cake!


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