Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guarding Sleep.

My husband works a strange shift which means that he sleeps at odd hours, here and there, when he can. We do our best to try and guard his ability to sleep but sometimes it is very hard to keep 3 kids and 2 dogs quiet, to say the least. It makes me a nervous wreck some days. The other day, all of us were quiet and the smoke alarm went off for no apparent reason. I wasn't even cooking. ;-0


sunshineperri said...

Freaky smoke alarm!!! Is it time to change the battery???
My Dad was a police officer who worked different shifts also and it was hard growing up and being quiet. I sympathize with you and the kids!!!

HEATHER said...

Hi, I am a first time commenter.
I am homeschooling my son and live in London, KY.
As for your hubbie's sleep, go to Amazon or Barnes&Noble and look for a CD by Dr. Jeffery Thompson, called Delta Sleep Solution.
It is tones and sounds mixed with ocean waves and music. The tones guide the brain into the natural deep sleep rhythms. I have a head injury that keeps me from going into the deep sleep naturally and you would not believe the difference that this CD has made for me. It's around $12 and so far has worked better than any pills or anything else that I have tried! Good luck!


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