Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mapquest Directions.

I just Map-Quested driving directions to my mom's doctors office. I was expecting it to say to turn left at the end of my street, but instead, it said to turn right. Huh? I had to read it more closely. It directed me to use a fire access road for the state forest that has been closed to any traffic for 20 years and even then was mostly a dirt road with 3 foot deep ruts in it. I think I might need the truck today!

Just kidding. I Googled it instead. Google sensibly directed me to use roads that have pavement!

In other news, MY VAN IS FIXED!!!!


Amy said...

OMG....that is just too funny! I tell ya, they can send on some of THE MOST roun-about ways sometimes. I know from experience! ;-P

Freakmom said...

We have much better luck with Google maps too. Glad you didn't follow the directions Mapquest gave you!


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