Thursday, August 07, 2008

How it went.

Okay, I guess is the word. The morning started out with the kids enthusiastically tackling their morning lists. But after they got into them a bit, the novelty kind of wore off and the younger son got kind of crabby. He whined a lot about the list, the chores, the writing, the math- all of it. My oldest 2 did fine, except that my daughter needed some help getting back into the math groove and remembering how to do long division. The afternoon language arts and science lesson was purposefully easy and fun and it went well with a lot of laughing. We went through 2chapters of the very easy science and about half a chapter of Learning English through Art.

My morning list went pretty well. I had assigned myself exercise, cleaning and a ton of trancription work. It was really pushing me to try and get it done with all the interuptions to re-teach math and listen to whining, but I got done. Now I'm going to have some relaxing time before game night/skating and errands later this afternoon.

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Amy said...

Sounds like a pretty good first day. You'll have to share with me more about that learning English through art. That sounds cool!!


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