Thursday, July 31, 2008

I need to take better notes.

Last night, the 2 youngest kids were doing the room cleaning that their Dad had assigned earlier, but were discussing putting it off until early this morning because they were tired. My youngest said something about falling asleep in "mid-clean", but I didn't get the exact quote written down, so I'm not sure exactly what he said. Luckily, this is a blog and not a newspaper, and he doesn't read it, so I won't be in trouble if I got the quote a little bit wrong. All I wrote down was "mid-clean" which I thought was funny. I did a little better the next time he said something quotable a few minutes later and wrote down the whole sentence.

A few minutes after they stopped cleaning, he was playing a huge game with army men all over the living room and my daughter looked at them when he was done and said "who won?" and he said "the guys with the big person." I can't exactly explain why this is funny to me. It's just so typical of the way my youngest says things, that it's cute to me.

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Amy said...

OMG.....I have found a 'soul-sister' that writes down the cute things they say too! I love it! I ran across something in a little notebook the other day where I had 'quoted' Michael......he said 'TV makes people fat!' ;-)

And BTW, after reading your Notes from the car the other day.......I wrote down some of my own today when I ran out to the, check my blog later tonight & see what you inspired me to write!


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