Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To do list.

We don't have anything on our calendar today. I do have pretty long to-do list. For one thing, I need to call my doctor and find out where in the world they moved their office to. (excuse my grammar!). I drove an hour yesterday, mapquest directions to the new office in hand, and could not find it. It was supposed to be on the corner of these 2 streets and have a number of 401, but there was no 401 there, just a 575 and a 615, so I drove around for a while looking, paid a dollar to park in a parking garage so I could go to the bathroom and drove home. Joy.

Today, I'm also cleaning out my purse which hadn't been cleaned out since vacation. I've got all my purse contents on my desk now and my purse is in the washing machine. It will be a relief to be able to maybe find something in there.

I've made some progress on planning for the new school year. I'm going to use the free science curriculum found here as a basis for science. I'm going to continue using the Christian Cottage curriculum for geography that I already have. I don't use it exactly as written and I supplement it with other things. For the younger son, we're going to be working mainly on his reading fluency. For the older 2, we're going to be working on writing. My oldest son will be going for his Introduction to Computers Clep next, not sure when (*I need to discuss with Dad.) and will still be working on the same math text from last year. For the younger two, for math, we'll start with Key To Measurements, from Key Curriculum Press, I think. We may just do the geometry we started last year, but I had self-discipline issues with that curriculum and just couldn't make myself make them do it and Key To is supposed to require minimal teacher involvement ... anyway, we'll see.

I'm going to write a schedule for myself this year and try to get exercise back into my routine. Boy do I ever need to do that!

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