Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been in Walmart this month. Twice. No, actually 3 times! We were trying to avoid Walmart this month and have a spending fast and we've done okay. The first time I went to Walmart it was for underwear and towels. Kind of necessary things but really, we could have waited. The second time, I was actually just getting some groceries and my youngest wanted to get them there, so he could look at a toy to see the price. We only bought the groceries, not the toy. Then tonight, we just felt like going. We were going to see if they had the 5 cent notebooks and other cheap school supplies but the notebooks were out of stock and we didn't see anything else we needed, really. We picked up a couple of things for my mom and dad and then we spent some money very frivolously on cupcakes that were in the marked down bakery section. (We shouldn't have shopped hungry.) We still didn't buy as much as usual, I don't think. Although we sure have been to the grocery store a lot ...


Freakmom said...

We can't come up with any school supplies we need this year. I'm so sad!

My mom always gets something off their "oops we baked too many" rack. We had yummy chocolate muffins when we were at their house a few days ago.

FatcatPaulanne said...

Did you try Rainbow Resource Center

They seem to have everything, just about.

:)De said...

I have asked my crew about new school supplies and they can't think of anything we need. Last year one of our foster care workers brought over a large box of every kind of school supply you could think of (and some we had not thought of.) We still have a great deal of that left over. Baked goods....yum!


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