Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well ...

I did end up going back in to help my daughter with the room. My oldest son and I did the heavy furniture moving. I didn't think she was going to like the furniture arrangement once it was in place and she didn't. They have a kind of a low loft bed in there and a regular bed that is supposed to go under it. She wanted them separated, which, of course, takes up more space. What they really need in there is a traditional style bunk bed. We have one, but can't fit it in the door of their room because of the angle of the doorway because it's got a bookshelf on the end and is really long. So, now we are pondering what to do next. I have tried to explain that they need to get rid of some things to make space in there, but my words fall on deaf ears. I have a bunch of packrats in this family and they all want to keep everything. It drives me crazy.



A Bishops Wife said...

This sounds familiar.

I have a bunch of pack rats too.

Everything is important and has some kind of sentimenle value..odds and ends, broken toys blankets with holes in them, sheets...

Noddy attaches human qualities to inamimate objects and thinks there feelings will be hurt or they will be sad, That makes getting rid of things even harder...he cries.

sunshineperri said...

mine are the same way. Even my hubby.
I just throw things away or sell it them give them the money.
It is so hard. But I tell them that when we die all this stuff gets thrown away....we can't take it to heaven with us!!!
I try very hard to have them help the needy and give it to someone else who doesn't have alot of money and would really be happy to have it.
Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just seems to disappear :)
Not sure what happened to it!!!


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