Monday, July 07, 2008

A cat with no name.

We have a kitten with no name living in the bathroom. When my friend's cat had kittens, my youngest asked if we could have one. I sarcastically said "What's one more?" not realizing that he didn't get the sarcasm and thought I'd said yes. Anyway, today was the day we got the kitten. My friend's kids had named it Arrowhead but our kids want to change it. Youngest is in charge of the naming this time and he hasn't come up with anything yet. She is going to be an outside cat, like our others, (allergies!) but when I took her outside earlier, she decided to take a long hike so when I finally caught her, I put her in the bathroom. She can live there until she gets used to us.


Freakmom said...

Sing it with me, "I've been through the desert with a cat with no name..."

FatcatPaulanne said...

I have been singing it. Driving the kids crazy.

Donna said...

So where is the pictures of the kitty????? Good luck with the new fur ball.


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