Monday, July 28, 2008

My Day Off and The Insane Cat.

Today's my day off, so of course I have a list of a million things to do. My house is a total mess and I need to attack the main part of it first, then I promised the younger kids that I'd help them clean their room, then I've got to take my daughter for her first orthodontist consultation, to see about getting braces. I hope the rest of the day goes better than it has started out. I had a run-in with my daughter's cat this morning before I even had coffee.

Let me just say that I am a cat person, always have been. I love them. I talk baby talk to them. I love to go out on the deck at least once a day to visit the cats. It relieves stress. I enjoy Sammy, Zoey and Zelda very much. Zena though, has always been always been weird. In the past, she used to run in the house every time the door was open. That's not the weird part. She often will pee in the house when she runs in. She has also peed on me twice when I was trying to put her out. This is not the way to gain favor with the lady of the house, let me tell you. I have spent a lot of time Lysoling and bleaching my kitchen because of that cat. She had quit running in for a long time but has recently escalated this behavior again. I don't know if it is because of the kitten being here or what? Who knows what goes on in the mind of an insane cat? Anyway, this morning while my coffee was brewing, I was feeding the pets and guess who ran in and peed on the rug by the back door? If she doesn't stop something will have to be done. Are there any free pet mental health clinics in Kentucky?

Anyway, I'm off to get started on my to-do list for today.


Freakmom said...

My brother-in-law's cat was once on Kitty Prozac. He highly recommends it. Not sure exactly what it was.

We like to drug ours with capnip.

:)De said...

If you do all of this on one of your days off I'd hate to see what a busy schedule looks like for you. LOL

Amy said...

OMG.....LMBO about the insane cat story!!


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