Monday, July 28, 2008

The cleaning.

Okay, I only lasted 5 minutes on cleaning the kids room. I went in there and I tried to move something off the floor. No. My daughter didn't want it there. So I tried to move something else. No. Not there. Again. No. After that, I made this offer: Either they clean it on their own or I clean it on my own. My daughter and I have way different cleaning styles and they do not seem to be compatible. Outside her room, she does what I say, but inside it, she wants everything her way. I guess that's fair. Anyway, I excused myself, worked on the kitchen instead and then after I took her to the orthodontist, I took her shopping for some new storage stuff for the room.


sunshineperri said...

I have learned that to clean to MY STANDARD....I do it when they aren't home. At least your kitchen is clean!!!

Sherri said...

It's hard to let them have their way in their rooms, especially when it isn't up to your standards! I am like sunshineperri...deep clean the kids' rooms when they aren't looking.


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