Friday, July 04, 2008

Money Fast, day 4.

Well, we had to break down and get some fast food last night. I told the kids to pack some snacks to eat to tide them over between library game time and skating because we weren't going to buy anything out. They did pack some granola bars and goldfish crackers and then left them at home, so we went to BK and got 3 items off the dollar menu and spent three dollars we didn't mean to spend this month. Not too bad, so far. We'll try to do better next time.

I'm not sure how much money we'll save this month doing this, maybe 20 dollars for eating out because we use dollar menus exclusively, but I seem to spend a lot of money at Walmart for what seems like a bunch of nothing!


:)De said...

I have gone on "money fast" before and they money saved is eye opening at times. Good luck with your savings.

Red said...

Good for you. My problem is my husband picks up things form the grocery store, if we are' running low'.

What he doe snot realize, is that he is seriously messing with my weekly grocery budget. his comeback is 'We were out of it.'

We won't and have not died from not having bagels in the house for a day or two. We run out...we do without. I try not to run out of things, but it happens. What did women do back in the pinoeer days. they did without. And looky, they survived.

You go girl.


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