Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer is going quickly, seems like.

I can't believe July is almost over. The county schools here are going back to school on August 5, but I don't know if we will. We still have a lot of summer type things we want to do, like put our pool up (!), go camping, go to 6 flags, the state fair and a lot of other stuff. It will still be hot here until at least mid September probably. I don't know whether to start school soon and just take breaks for all these things or postpone starting school? I personally am ready for it to start. We've had about 4 weeks completely off - the kids haven't even really had chores and I'm ready to get back into our routines again. But, on the other hand, my goal was to get the kids room's cleaned out completely and some other home improvement things done before we started back. So, when to start? I don't know. I actually think I get more done when I'm also doing school than I do during the breaks, because my routines fall apart. I think I'll just go ahead and order my stuff and when it comes, we'll get started. If we end up taking frequent breaks, that'll be okay, as long as we get 180 days in sometime this year.

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Amy said...

That's my dilema right now too.....when to start back. I, personally am NOT ready yet. Not organized, nothing planned other than just some ideas in my head still. My first goal is to get oldest moved into his dorm & settled into university life first......that's the week of Aug. 13th. My problem after that is we have a wedding coming up Sept 5th with relatives from Iowa coming & they will be here that whole week & then a family reunion the following weekend. I'm like I start & do a couple of weeks just to take off then or do I wait til all of that's over with & settle down for the fall. What to do.....what to do? I'm kinda like you & ready to start back if 'I' can get my ducks in a row.


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