Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Overslept and Snow!

It looks like we may have gotten a decent amount of snow fall this morning, maybe 2 inches?  My mom had a pain clinic appointment this morning at 9:00 and I set my alarm at 7:00 and it didn't go off for some reason and I got up at 8:15 ... not early enough to shower, dress, drive to her assisted living home and then to the pain clinic.  So I've been making phone calls and rescheduling stuff this morning.  I really don't think it would have been a good idea to take mom out in the snow anyway.  I wasn't afraid of driving in it, but her walking in it with a bad back might have been a bad idea. 

She needs a TB test for her assisted living facilities rules and regulations, so I may take her this afternoon to get that.  We'll see how the weather goes.   Meanwhile, I'll work and do things at home. 
The kids will probably start angling for a snow day as soon as they get up.  I let them have a couple of chores off the other day when there was snow and they did go outside and play in it.   We used to follow the public school schedule and cancel when they cancelled, but now we follow my oldest son's college schedule and when he is home, we don't do school, so since he's there and it isn't snowing right now in southern Mississippi (I'm assuming based on the palm trees on campus.) we will at least do half a day today. 

We went to see our new great nephew tonight and although he hadn't slept pretty much all day, he was asleep when we were there and then apparently woke up right after we left.  He was still cute though and it was still good to meet him for the first time.  :-)

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