Saturday, January 04, 2014

January 3, Randomness.

Some dishcloths my daughter made and sold right before Christmas.

The cheesecake my daughter made for Thanksgiving.

One day the kids decided to "tattoo" (with markers) themselves with a rule out,roman legion tattoo from the Percy Jackson books.  Hey, it involves latin, so that's educational right? 
So yesterday, we went to a restaurant to meet another homeschool family and played games.  My husband had taken my vehicle due to snow/etc. so we didn't have the main game we were planning on playing and had to play one of our new Christmas games we haven't got the hang of yet.  It's called Munchkin and there seems to be a pretty big learning curve associated with it.  Oh well, good for the brain to stretch a little.   In other news, my new great nephew* was born the day before yesterday and we looked at a lot of pictures on Facebook.  Of course he's very cute.  It will be fun to see him in person, but with the bronchitis-y thing still hanging on in a couple of family members we felt it would not be nice to visit him in the hospital yesterday. So I'm back to work, my husband is back to work and my son has one more week before he has to go back to Mississippi and so school is out here as well until then.

We went up last night to see my mom and I would appreciate any prayers, warm thoughts or suggestions for her.  She is still stressed from the move and is having a hard time with it.  I am not sure what to do.  As I have stated many times on this blog, it is very difficult.

*Apparently, since my Dad has a daughter from a previous marriage who is  15 years older than me, I have a lot of great nieces and nephews that I haven't met, but that's another story.  Speaking of that, I need to send my sister a card or letter since she doesn't do Facebook. 

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