Thursday, January 09, 2014

52 days since we moved mom to the first assisted living facilty.

  • moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
  • times me crying (at least) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------52
  • times mom crying (that I personally heard on the phone) -------------------------------------------1
  • number of people trying to extort money from mom. ------------------------------------------------1
  • phone calls to lawyers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
  • times mom called me and asked me to bring her home ---------------------------------------------10
  • times she called her siblings and my brother and said the same thing--------------------------100s 
  • times my mom called me and asked me to put my mother on the phone---------------------------2
  • times the electricity went out at my mom's house, causing the heat and fridge to go out and the water pipes to freeze.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
  • times either my phone or my mom's phone has gone out  (ours was annoyingly nonfunctional for a week, ringing all the time, but not functional as a phone, just as a noisemaker). ----------2
  • trees that fell across my mom's driveway -------------------------------------------------------------1
  • inches of ice on the floor at mom's house that we had to deal with yesterday.---------------------1
  • days of being on my period------------------------------------------------------------------------------23
  • (conservative estimate) PMS days -----------------------------------------------------------------------8
  • (conservative estimate) Hershey's white chocolate peppermint bars eaten by me and not shared. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
  • pounds gained --------------------------------------------------I don't want to even think about it.
  • doctor's visits and phone calls, trying to get mom's nurse practitioner to give mom an anti-anxiety medication, with no success.________________________________1 visit/4 calls
  • number of times my mom called my brother during one half hour meeting at work--------------7.
  • number of jobs I have applied for since my job has went to voice recognition (not that I feel like getting a new job right now) ------------------------------------------------------------------------3.
Add working and the holidays in there and you've got 2 crazy, crazy months.  I am praying the new place is good for her. 

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