Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, back to school 2014.

My oldest son started classes in Mississippi this morning and we started back to school here in our house.  I haven't been all that involved in it, other than waking people up and prodding them a little bit to get started.  I also checked the lists to make sure that they had exercise on them.  My husband gave them some math instructions last night.  They are pretty much on their own for school unless they have a questions.   I've been working and when my car gets home (My husband has it) I will go to the grocery.  I've been trying to come up with a meal plan.  It saves a lot of money if I go in there with an idea of what I need, instead of just throwing everything into the cart.  I kind of feel like the holidays are finally over and we can start our new year.  I'm trying to inspire myself to get in better shape and to keep the house in better shape this year by coming up with an essential morning routine/list for myself.  You know how I love a good list.  :-) 

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