Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Monday stuff.

Wow, it's cold.  Yesterday I did venture out.  My husband had a prescription that needed to be picked up at the pharmacy and since he pretty muchly has pneumonia, I went and got it.  I also picked up a couple of other things we needed like a big old bag of dog food.  (With 4 dogs, we go through it pretty quickly).  It was so cold.  It made my head hurt and my lungs hurt.  I went out to mom's assisted living and had a not great visit with her.  I was feeling kind of bad after being out in the weather and she was feeling kind of sad about being in assisted living.  After a while, the phone rang and we realized that there was something wrong with it, so I went back out into the cold and got a new phone for her.  Then we hooked it up, verified that it would work and I came home.  When I got home, I sent my youngest out to the truck to get the dog food.  He came back in very quickly, trying to get in before his boogers froze.  :-) Earlier yesterday, the kids had been out blowing bubbles to watch them freeze and throwing boiling water in the air to watch it instantly crystallize.   Being homeschoolers, that was not optional.  :-P

After I got home from my outing, we had a pleasant evening.  My husband had made a big old pot of chicken soup and my daughter made us grilled cheese, (comfort food!) we played Munchkin and after that, watched Monk and I got to try out my new art journaling supplies that my brother had got me for Christmas that came in the mail yesterday. (comfort activities?).  

At some point last evening, I shared a dream that I had had in which we had 2 dishwashers and both of them worked.  This was wonderful as we only have one and it continually goes off and doesn't finish the cycle.  When I shared this, my husband shared that a couple of nights ago, he dreamed that we had a new house, which included 2 hot water heaters.  (So that if you take a shower after the 2 teens do, you still have hot water.)  I thought it was hilarious that both of us are dreaming of multiple appliances.  :-P

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