Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another break.

Another Sunday I am stuck home without a vehicle.  I kind of hate it, but I kind of like it too.  Sometimes my life just doesn't have enough margin in it.  I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, volunteer and clean (not as much as I should) on Thursday and go to church on Sunday.  I visit my mom on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do all her doctor's appointments and pharmacy trips.  Sometimes, it is actually good to be forced to take a day off.  I'm playing the Sims and watching Big Bang Theory at the same time.  Later, I'm planning to do some cooking, list some things on ebay and perhaps take a nap.

I had a good visit with my mom last night.  We were actually able to play a game and talk, which was really nice.  Lately, with all the moves, etc., she has been too anxious to play.  We changed doctors and we were actually able to find a nurse practitioner who comes to the house and she prescribed a mild anti-anxiety medication, which seems to help. 

I think it might be time for my nap.

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